Minimalist Photography Gear for Adventure & Travel Photography

Looking at my Minimalist photography gear for my upcoming trip to Tromso in Norway full of adventure and travel photography. I wanted to be lightweight with minimal gear to concentrate on capturing photos and not having to worry about gear! Photography Gear: Camera: XF 10-24mm F4: XF 16-55 F2.8: XF 16mm F1.4: Samyang 12mm F2: Manfrotto Tripod: Manfrotto Large Tripod: Atlas Athlete Backpack: Video Gear: Camera: XF 16-80mm: XF 16mm F1.4: PolarPro ND Filter: Rode VideoMicro: Rode Wireless Go: Neck Strap: Smallrig Multifunction Tool: Accessories: Head Torch: Down Jacket: Bright LED: Fujifilm Batteries: Powerbank: SanDisk Memory Cards: SanDisk Portable SSD: Dell Computer: Bluetooth Travel Mouse: If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up 👍 and feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts - I read them all and will get back to you! Thanks for watching - your support means the world to me! 🌏🦘 Help Support My Channel: 💰WEBSITE SALES: Learn Photography From Home: My Photography Merch: Photography Workshops: Limited Edition Prints: My Editing Presets: My Online Photography Store: Gear used to create these videos. These are Amazon affiliate links! 📷PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: Camera: Wide-Angle Lens: Mid Range Zoom: Tele Zoom: Magnetic Polariser's: My Tripods: Backpack: 🎥VIDEO GEAR: Vlogging Camera: Main Video Lens: Low Light Beast: Variable ND Filters: Run & Gun Microphone: Laviler Microphone: Drone: 🌟ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY GEAR: Low Light Camera: Fuji's BEST Night Sky Lens: Travel Star Tracker: Light Pollution Filter: Timelapse +: My Complete Photography Gear: 💻EDITING/SOFTWARE: Music: Save 10% OFF Capture One: My Website Hosting: Remove Noise Software: Focus Stacking Software: Graphic Tablet: 📲 MY SOCIALS: Website: Facebook: Instagram: ✅ SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://bit.

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