NuraBuds now part of the NuraNow monthly subscription

A lot of OEMs would always introduce new versions of their devices every year or so which can sometimes cause a hole in the consumers’ pockets. Nura is a smaller company that introduced a subscription service for its users called NuraNow who would want to receive a device refresh every 24 months. The newest product that they’re offering is the NuraBuds, a pair of truly wireless earbuds that can be yours for just $5 per month (plus a one-time setup fee of $19).

The NuraBuds are the company’s smallest devices so far and it lets you listen to your music and other audio content in two ways – in-house or personalized. If you’ve used Nura devices previously, you might already have a personalized hearing profile that you can import from an app. The in-house option is based on data from the otoacoustic emission hearing database which has hundreds of thousands of unique profiles. They then created an in-house sound that you can apply when you listen on Nura devices.

The earbuds also has features like immersive bass, the in-demand active noise cancellation, and social mode which lets you tune the world in or out depending on your preference at the moment. It has four hours battery life or up to ten hours if you add the fast-charge case which charges in two hours. It has an IPX 4 sweat-resistant rating and lets you choose from three ear tip options for the most comfortable fit. It has customisable touch buttons, highly sensitive microphones for good call quality, and connects to your device using Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth QuickSwitch.

NuraNow is the subscription service that lets you get a “device refresh” every 24 months but doesn’t lock you into a contract. You get “worry-free warranty” as long as you’re subscribed plus monthly perks and prizes that will be delivered to you. There are several devices that you can basically rent out for a monthly fee like the NuraTrue, NuraPhone, and NuraLoop. You can also just buy them outright if that’s what you want.

The NuraBuds will cost you $5 per month plus a $19 one-time setup fee. The NuraNow subscription is only available in the U.S, U.K, and Australia for now.