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Welcome to Pack Hacker: a resource for the best travel gear. WHAT WE DO Pack Hacker finds and tests the best gear for travel based on form, function and aesthetic. We believe the best trips start with quality gear, regardless if you’re traveling for business or pleasure. OUR FOUNDER Tom Wahlin took his digital design and creative direction career on the road in May of 2015. He sold nearly all of his belongings, packing up his New York City life into a 40L backpack. As of October, 2017, he’s been living a fully nomadic lifestyle traveling to a new country every couple of weeks. The process of deciding what to pack became more intensive than the travel plans themselves. Tom became obsessed with figuring out what to pack for long-term travel and how to make it all fit in one carry-on. He shared his learnings in the Medium article, “Everything You Need to Travel The World in One Backpack” and found that he wasn’t alone. The article was a hit, and the idea for Pack Hacker was born. Now, Tom leverages his design background from tech companies like Apple, The Infatuation, and space150 to find minimalist gear that will maximize your travel experience. OUR PROCESS A small team of travel experts test and review a variety of premium and economical gear in their element for a minimum of two weeks. The output is an honest, objective review. We’ll never accept cash or allow free gear to influence a review. Ever. OUR STANDARDS Form: The item should be durable and able to last through time, usage, and natural elements. Function: It should serve multiple use-cases and apply to more than one situation Aesthetic: The design should feel thoughtful with a considerate style beyond average travel gear. While we strive for variety, we do believe in paying more for something that will last.

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