Pack with me for a 6-day trip to LA! Minimalist Packing

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel and if you're new here , thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay! So, in about a week I'll be jetting off to LA for 6 days so I decided to pack light because I refuse to pay baggage fees 😝. I hope my little tips and tricks will help you get backpack ready for your next short trip! Don't forget to like, subscribe and comment below! -------------------------------------- DID YOU KNOW that to be human is to be creative? This channel is all about that. The mere act of making a YouTube video is putting creativity to use. On this platform I will be taking you guys through my own journey which hopefully will inspire you to get into your own creative bag (comment and let me know if I was successful!). Videos on this channel will range from showing you my newest art piece or design, providing educational creative content or simply getting jiggy with how I film and edit lifestyle and travel videos. If you're into that kind of content, I'm your girl. To be a part of this dope family of creative humans, hit that SUBSCRIBE button and turn on that NOTIFICATION BELL so you can be notified when I post new videos! --------------------------------------- WATCH MORE VIDEOS