What on earth is Just{elation}???

Elation is a word that describes the insane great feeling you would experience say…when you win the lottery…or hit the grand slam to win the World Series.  It’s the feeling of joy that you experience in that time.  Well, Just{elation} is just that.  It’s all about things that bring joy to our lives every day.  While nobody at Just{elation} has won the lottery or hit the grand slam, we all experience Elation in our own ways.  Some of those ways involve experiencing the outdoors.  Sometimes it’s a new gadget that we’ve acquired.  Sometimes it’s when we find the solution to a somewhat complex problem.  No matter what it is that causes us a bit of joy today, Just{elation} wants to share about that.

This isn’t the place you’ll find world views or deep thoughts, it’s the facts.  It’s the things that we don’t want to argue about, we are here to educate not propagandize.  So sit back, click through our pages of photos, outdoor activities, parks and trails, camping locations, hidden local gems, geocaching ideas and thoughts, product reviews, and anything else that comes to bring elation to our lives!