The (Accidentally) Annual Q&A: Tiramisu Decaf

Head to and save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code JAMESHOFFMANN. Colours of Coffee Print (Worldwide Store): Colours of Coffee Print (UK): Questions and timestamps below: 0:00 Intro 0:20 Q1. Guilty Pleasure? 0:53 Q2. Coffee Shop Weirdness? 1:45 Q3. World's Largest Coffee Tasting 2021? 2:23 Q4. Home Roasting? 3:31 Q5. Natural or Washed? 3:34 Q6. Accidental Blends? 4:19 Q7. Travel Setups? 6:38 Q8. Brew Better Light Roasts? 7:49 Q9. Are We Complicating Espresso? 9:19 Q10. Decaf? 10:16 Q11. Vetting Sustainability Claims? 11:24 Q12. Improving Home Setups 12:15 Q13. What Goes Into Making These Videos? 14:14 Q14. What Are People Wrong About (Concerning Coffee) On The Internet? 15:07 Q15. How am I? 16:05 Q16. What's An Average Day For Me? 17:15 Q17. Tiramisu? 17:56 Q18. Global Coffee Culture's Homogeneity? 19:03 Q19. Hardest Bit Of Equipment To Give Away? Links: Patreon: Limited Edition Merch: My Books: The World Atlas of Coffee: The World Atlas of Coffee Audiobook: The Best of Jimseven: Find me here: Instagram: Twitter: Things I use and like: My video kit: My current studio coffee kit: My glasses: My hair product of choice:

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