ThiEye i60+ 4K Ultra HD Action Waterproof Camera #Unboxing #Thieye60+ #actioncamera #budgetcamera

ThiEYE i60+ is a compact, waterproof and mountable camera. With great features of ultra- 170* super wide angle lens, built wifi for app- 2"in TFT display, and multiple capture modes.

its a good budget level camera for outdoor sports, tourism, live shooting, self-timer sharing, and daily life recording, with fun 4K Ultra HD capabilities. This is a infomative video of the new action camera in market known as THIEYE i60+ 4k ACTION CAMERA. In this video I have explained the specifications and some highlighted features in DETAIL. If you find this video Useful, then definitely SHARE with all your friends and families because you really may not know that some of them must be finding a good ACTION CAMERA for them. So its a chance for you to share this video to them and suggest this stunning THIEYE i60+ 4k ACTION CAMERA. The action cam i60 + is supplied with a very complete package and filled with accessories to be able to install the camera on all or almost all the supports that one wishes. (Bike, helmet, pole / monopod, underwater housing, etc.) There is also a micro USB cable that will be used for data transfer and recharging the device. Regarding the ThiEYE i60 + camera, I find the quality of the videos taken with is correct with a wide angle result. For the software part, the application can be retrieved from the Google Play Store (QR code found on the page referring to the Play Store for Android). To make it work properly from your smartphone, you must first disconnect from your home WiFi to connect to the camera's WiFi and only then use the application (Apple side, I have not tested but it remains the same principle) For the batteries, I appreciated that they were 2. they are in conventional format for this type of camera and with a capacity of 1050mAh. It is quite possible to take additional, these are models found everywhere. Thanks for watching .