Top Waterproof: Best Waterproof Cases for the iPhone 11's

Out of the three I’ve used for the iPhone 11, between the Catalyst Waterproof, re-designed LifeProof Fre, updated- Ghostek Nautical, the Catalyst Waterproof is the best waterproof case for the iPhone 11. It eeks out the win over the LifeProof Fre by a tiny, tiny amount.  Now for previous iPhone versions, the Catalyst was miles ahead of everyone else BUT with the iPhone 11 versions, there are a couple of things that brought the Catalyst Wateproof down while the LifeProof’s redesign of the Fre bumped it up. BUT if price is your thing, the Ghostek Nautical is going to be hard to beat.  Get the Catalyst Waterproof on Amazon! Amazon US: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: Get the Lifeproof Fre on Amazon! Amazon US: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: Get the Ghostek Nautical on Amazon! Amazon US: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Amazon DE: In this video: 0:00 Intro 1:40 Do you really need a waterproof case? 5:05 Ghostek Nautical Review 8:32 Catalyst Waterproof Review 12:08 LifeProof Fre Review #RealReviews #UNSponseredContent #ReviewerNOTInfluencer Alright, onto the waterproof cases. So that I’m not repeating myself, here’s a few things that’s consistent for every waterproof case in this video. 1. FaceID worked with each case 2. The screen protectors showed face grease easily 3. The screen protectors scratched easily 4. Screen quality will take a hit 5. You’ll always hear your iPhone in a each waterproof case as covering the speaker cutouts doesn’t do much 6. Photos and video quality all take a hit because the camera covers are hard to keep clean 7. The all allow you to attach a wrist strap to the case Ghostek Nautical (~$60 dollars) -The Ghostek Nautical which provides your iPhone with water protection up to 20ft. -Bulkier case and has the most secure design from my perspective -The thing I like the most about the Nautical is the mute switch. Instead of going with a clunky mute switch, they decided to go with a piece of pliable rubber. -The gap between the screen and protector is noticeable but it wasn’t large enough that it reduced the sensitivity of the screen -Buttons aren’t too bad to use though they are tougher to press and the edge has a nice bit of texture to them -The Nautical sounds pretty good. In fact, the sound coming from the iPhone was the best from the Nautical. -The Nautical isn’t great at recording sounds, has the most case noise -Photo/video quality was the worse with the Nautical because the camera covers were hard to keep clean Catalyst Waterproof (~$90 dollars) -33ft water protection (not rated for scuba) -Slimmest of the three cases in this video and handles the best -No gap between the screen protector and iPhone -The mute switch is still one of the best among any iPhone case so if you use that feature a lot, it’s hard to argue against the Catalyst Waterproof -Sound coming from the Waterproof is the worst out of the three cases in this video as it sounds unbalanced at max volume -Recording video with the Catalyst is quite good. The rubber edges of the case dull a lot of the case sounds which is nice. LifeProof Fre (~$90 dollars) -Updated design -No more hinges on the bottom of the case -Not as “boxy” -Biggest change comes from the screen protector. This will be the first review of the LifeProof Fre were I don’t complain about the screen quality of the screen protector -The updated Fre still has rainbowing issues -Button access is tough -Overall, taking photos and filming videos worked best on the LifeProof Fre. The case doesn’t block too much sound and the camera and flash cutouts are the largest out of the three cases in this video.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to stay in the loop! We release 2-3 videos a week so there's going to be something new every week. We're all about helping you get the most out of iOS so click Subscribe! WEBSITE: T-SHIRTS:" target="_blank">