Travel Gear For Barbers

Often times, you are wondering what cases work best when you are traveling out of state or country. Here's my experiences on what has worked for me in the past. Babyliss Backpack - Works well if you can split the tools into different pockets so they don't clash or have them in clipper cozies. Babyliss Clipper Case - Works great for hairshows because it's easy to get in and out, but you must carry an extra backpack for other accessories that don't fit. (ex. Clipper spray, brush, blowdryer..etc) -The more frequent you are, the more the dividers move around so its a lot of shifting if you are like me and you carry about 3 or 4 clippers/trimmers. -If you are frequent, but you have like 1-2, less likely for dividers to shift around. By Appt Only Backback (Lite Edition) - Protects all tools and carries everything you need. -Great for housecalls -Traveling, not so much because if they have razor blades you will get stopped or shears that are over 4 inches. So I love to mostly check in all tools into my check-in bag.

-For hair shows, not ideal if you have to get in and out of bag frequent and quickly -If you are just traveling out of state for housecalls, it's fine to use and check-in at airport inside another small suitcase. I hope this explanation helps!! Let me know if you have any other recommendations! :) LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE ❤️ Follow my other pages! Instagram - Facebook -