Travel Gear for Photography, Vlogging and Youtube What's in my bag 2021?

A detailed video about each and every piece of gear that I own and where, how and why I use it.  You can find the list of my gear on my blog: 00:00 Intro 00:40 Main Camera 01:22 18-55mm Lens 02:06 55-200mm Lens 02:55 Tripods 03:39 Phone Clamp 03:56 Action Camera 04:22 ND Filters (DJI) 05:09 Cleaning Kit 05:40 Sound 07:22 Energy 08:25 Hard Drive 09:18 Tophandle 09:36 Gimbal 10:15 Travel Laptop 11:21 Summary 12:04 Outro Instagram:  Share your work on Instagram using #classicnationofficial Thanks for watching and supporting.

It means a lot to me.