Travel Gear to NOT Fly With

Here are travel items you do not really need to fly with. These travel gear items are not essential even though they are cute. I have travel tips throughout this video that one of you requested. Other travel tip videos:

ly/MostAskedTravelQuestions" target="_blank"> Links: My neck pillow: Curling iron case: Technology cords case: Makeup sponge holder: Sink board: Men’s wallet: My RFID wallet: Money belt: Belt for dollars: Exercise belt: My purse: Star Sweater: Makeup brush case: Other makeup brush case: (only small blk available) Office chair: My suitcase: Makeup: Foundation, blush, eyeliner: Mary Kay Eyeshadow: Mascara primer: Mascara: My Lipgloss: My curling iron: Peach Lipstick: POP over and say hi: Instagram: @TravelTipsByLaurie (My former channel name was LauriePOP Ideas That POP, but now I produce travel tip videos only) Occasionally I use affiliate links, and all opinions that POP into my head are my honest ones.