TRAVEL HACKS! 14 Genius Uses for Duct Tape, VELCRO Cable Ties & More Life Hacks For Everyday Items

Don’t forget to pack the safety pins, VELCRO Cable Ties, and dental floss for your next trip. These everyday items are more convenient for travel than you think. More travel hacks here 👉 0:00 - Intro 0:45 - Binder Clip 1:18 - VELCRO Brand Cable Ties 1:46 - Duct tape/Gaffer Tape 3:03 - Safety Pin 3:32 - Dental floss 4:05 - Zip Ties 4:52 - Hair Ties/Rubber Bands 5:13 - Your Clothing 5:48 - Ziploc Bags 6:14 - Plastic Straw 6:30 - Oven Mitt 6:56 - Pill Organizers 7:28 - Collapsible Tupperware 7:54 - Clothespins There are tons of everyday items that can come in handy on your trip, and since you probably already have them at home, it costs you almost nothing to pack them. You’ll be happy you brought duct tape when you need to patch a hole in your bag, and safety pins are a lifesaver in case of a broken zipper pull. Sometimes budget travel is smart travel, so queue up this video and search around your closet so you can take advantage of these life hacks for everyday items on your next trip. #SmartTravel #TravelHacks #BudgetTravel RELATED CONTENT 9 Minimalist Packing Tips for Traveling on a Budget: Flying Travel Hacks for Getting Through Airport Security: How To Pack a Carry-on for One Bag Travel: 17 Minimalist Packing Tips For Weekend Trips & Everyday Carry: 9 Airplane Tips and Hacks for Flying Comfortably: VELCRO Brand Cable Ties Review: View more travel gear reviews on our website 👉 CONNECT WITH US Join Pack Hacker Pro: Sign Up for our Newsletter: Subscribe to Pack Hacker on YouTube: Subscribe to Pack Hacker Reviews on YouTube: Follow Pack Hacker on Instagram: Like Pack Hacker on Facebook: Follow Pack Hacker on Twitter:

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