Water-Resistant Timbuk2 Messenger Bag

With bicycle commuting becoming more and more popular, quality products to carry your documents, laptops, pens, papers, phones, …well, you get the point…for all the things you’ll need at the office or wherever you’re heading, you’ll want some way to carry it!  Timbuk2 seems to offer many great ways to carry these items, whether you’re bike commuting, walking, or just need a way to carry things in the car.


The Timbuk2 Messenger Bag is a great answer to this.  With durable ballistic nylon coated with a waterproof TPU liner used for the exterior fabric, the bag is great to help keep things dry in a light rain, though nothing is truly sealed, so use great caution when the weather gets ugly!  There are pockets galore, starting with 3 pockets inside the velcro and buckle secured flap.  On the inside there’s 6 pockets, one with a cover to protect things from falling out.  4 of those pockets are in the deep full width internal zippered pocket as well.  You’ll find a plethora of pen & pencil holders, you’ll be sure to always have a writing utensil.  There’s also a padded sleeve against the back of the messenger bag, which happens to fit a 15″ laptop perfectly.  It also holds file folders and loose papers perfectly.


Timbuk2 has a great wide strap which attaches at either end with a cam-style buckle on the right side of the pack.  This cam-style buckle allows you to easily swing the bag over your shoulder and re-attach the buckle to allow the perfect adjustment every time.  They also include a smaller around the body strap to help hold the messenger bag in place when the crazy car jets out in front of you.


This clearly leads Just{elation} to test the Timbuk2 quality in a long term review!  With 6 months down on this review, the bag is holding up incredibly well.  The waterproof TPU liner is holding up without any peeling or cracking noticed anywhere.  All the zippers continue to work flawlessly, and no buckles have been broken.  Very little wear is showing on the outside of the bag at all after daily use going back and forth to the office, both by car and by bike.  The bag is clearly designed to work well when worn over the shoulder and body, not over the same side shoulder that you’re wearing the bag.  Without draping it across your body, the bag hangs oddly and is constantly feeling like it’s pushing away from you…as if you’re fighting to keep it on your shoulder.  This is in no way a bad part of the bag though, it’s simply designed for the purpose of being worn across your body, which it fits and feels comfortable when worn correctly.  So far Just{elation} can find absolutely no reason not to continue to recommend the Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag as a great choice!