Waterproof wiring using the WAGO 2773 connectors and Gelbox - IPx8

Take your Wago 221 and 2773 connectors to another level with the IPX8 Gelbox - An fast way to create totally waterproof connections. 2773 is the updated version of the Wago 773 series connectors - with a common 32A current rating and 4mm sq conductor sizing across the connector range of 2,3,4,5,6 and 8 wire ports. This Wago Review explores how and where to use the Gelbox. Along the way, we show a useful hack when needing to insert a stranded conductor into aWago 2773 series connector == 🕐 Time Stamps - Cut to the action 🕕 == 00:00​ Wago Gelbox and 2773 series connectors 01:30 Wago Gelbox applications 02:34 Gelbox with solid conductors using Wago 2773 03:49 Removing solid conductors from a Wago 2773 connectors 04:20 Wago Gelbox part numbers 207-1331,2,3 04:56 Wago 221 and Wago 2773 compatibility with Gelbox 06:05 Using a Wago 2773 with Ferrules and stranded class 5 conductors 07:50 Wago 2773 current rating and approvals - ENEC, UL, PSE 08:42 Time for the IPx8 bucket test - Wago 221 with Gelbox 09:50 Removing the gel for re-entry == AD =========================== 🧰 More information. Wago GelBox http://hub.efixx.co.uk/wago-gelbox ================================ Check price and availability *Wago Gelbox - Size 1 http://hub.efixx.co.uk/wago-gelbox1 *Wago Gelbox - Size 2 http://hub.efixx.co.uk/wagogelbox2 *Wago Gelbox - Size 3 http://hub.efixx.co.uk/wago-gelbox3 ================================ 📍SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL eFIXX is here to help electrician's, electrical contractors, building services engineers and electrical apprentices. Watching our videos, you'll discover new products, explore new applications and find answers to your technical questions. So if you've been on the tools for years or just starting your electrical journey, we'll help you stay up to date with the latest regulations and developments in the electrical industry. http://hub.efixx.co.uk/youtube-subscribe​ ================================ 📺 NEW TO THE EFIXX CHANNEL Watch our essential videos playlist http://hub.efixx.co.uk/essentials​ 📺 CATCH UP ON THE LATEST VIDEOS http://hub.efixx.co.uk/latest​ 📺 ELECTRICIANS' TOOL REVIEWS http://hub.efixx.

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