WHAT TO PACK ✈️ My Fav Travel Gear & Digital Nomad Minimalist Packing Tips

Here FINALLY by popular demand! YOU guys asked for it so... This happens to be what's in my bag. Happens to be a one bag carry on setup. And virtually everything physical I own... Over the 4 years as a digital nomad, I've just shedded sh*t and packed less and less, and it's come down to this... in the future when I can afford a film crew, we will get bigger gear and they will carry it, but for now this happens to be what I carry! All my Travel Gear is here: https://kit.com/LivinThatLife (if something's not listed let me know) Aspiring digital nomads, online business owners & travelers! – My NEW FREE BREAKDOWN on the best ways in 2019 to earn income online!! 🌴💵💻→

com/tribe" target="_blank">http://academy.livinthatlife.com/tribe
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