What’s in My Minimalist Tech Travel Bag!

Sponsored: Visit https://squarespace.com/andyslye to get a free trial & 10% off your first purchase! My minimalist tech travel bag & the gear I use to create the best souvenirs for any trip: a travel film LINKS TO ALL ITEMS ➡️ https://kit.co/AndySlye/minimalist-tech-travel-bag Recently I've been inspired by minimalist filmmakers such as Matt D'Avella and Kraig Adams so I've tried to embrace the idea of minimalism when it comes to traveling with all of my tech gear. I've been lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations the past few years (including Scotland, Moraine Lake, Switzerland, and Italy). Each time I've tried to pack my tech bag as efficient as possible so I can capture videos and photos becasue they make the best memories. Here's what gear I take and how I pack my #Minimalist #TechBag #TravelBag AMAZON LINKS: Backpack: https://geni.us/AmazonBackpack Sony Headphones: https://geni.us/WH1000XM3 Airpods: https://geni.us/Airpods GorillaPod: https://geni.us/v3FuyUw Power Bank: https://geni.us/fBWocC7 Headphone Splitter: https://geni.us/wKaL Apple iPad: https://geni.us/Appleipad MacBook Pro: https://geni.us/hi9Bz GH5 Camera: https://geni.us/GH5body Travel Lens: https://geni.us/Lumix1235 Low Light Travel Lens: https://geni.us/Lumix2514 DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone: https://geni.us/DJIM2 Mavic 2 Pro Filters: https://geni.us/KeHI0 Car Power Inverter: https://geni.us/HMHWk Rode VideoMicro: https://geni.us/RodeVMicro Battery Case: https://geni.us/cBAbI Memory Card Case: https://geni.us/ZAO52B3 Memory Card Reader: https://geni.us/SDReader Sleep Mask: https://geni.us/OMGI USB-C SSD: https://geni.us/lwDxjmt Microfiber Cloths: https://geni.us/AU6EAyr ⭐️ FAVORITE RESOURCES My YouTube camera gear: http://geni.us/YTgear YouTube Success course: http://geni.us/YTcourse Real estate investing: https://geni.us/Fundrise Stock investing app: https://geni.us/qZkq Best savings account: https://geni.us/Wealthfront My Amazon store: https://geni.us/AMZN 👇 JOIN ME YouTube:

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