What's inside my CAMERA Bag for a World Tour - Travel Photography Gear

Today I'm sharing what is in my camera bag as a travel photographer on a world tour. Discover my travel photography & why I switched from Nikon & Panasonic to Sony. From DSLR to Mirrorless... - New Lightroom Presets & Profiles Pack: https://goo.gl/tLja2x - All of the gear that I use: https://goo.

- Shot on this camera https://geni.us/sh7ZtEc (Amazon) with this lens https://geni.us/najoDU (Amazon) - Camera Filters box mentioned: https://geni.us/K2MB (Amazon) As a travel photographer for me the most important in camera gear is to pack light - yet not compromising quality and my DOF (yes I love shallow DOF!). I started with a Nikon D750 then added a Panasonic GH5 - only to now have a Sony A7R3 - I discuss in details why. Choosing the right camera is essential when you travel! Everyone has different needs - know what you shoot & what you need. ▶︎ World Tour Travel Vlog with Trina 👉 http://bit.ly/PierreTL-YT 👉 INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/pierretlambert