Why HoneyTrek Created NFT Travel Gear

👕 CHECK OUT THE HONEYTREK NFT TRAVEL GEAR - ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME 👉🏽 https://buy.wearablenftart.com/honeytrek-travel-gear/ The @HoneyTrek NFT Art & Travel Gear Collection is now available! Mike and Anne over at HoneyTrek spent the last three months working with our Wearable NFT Art Team & the ever-talented Santi Soulas to interpret the HoneyTrek journey into three unique pieces of digital art—and we could not be more excited! Now, these awesome designs are available on their first line of t-shirts, totes & tumblers 😘 ✅  Subscribe to Our Channel 👉🏽 http://bit.ly/WNAonYoutube We help raise funds for Non-Profits & Churches by creating Uniquely Branded NFT’s and developing them into exclusive Limited-Edition Wearable NFT Art™ In this video, ____________________________________________________________________________________ 🤑 ARE YOU A NON-PROFIT THAT NEEDS TO RAISE FUNDS? ➣ Changing the world or even a single life takes resources. We understand. So we want to help you raise funds in a very unique way. We are offering to have your story professionally designed by our artist into your very own NFT’s (Digital Art) and minted to the Blockchain. Plus, have tees created with the designs and branded to your organization.  Then made available exclusively to your Supporters and Donors as Limited Edition, over a short promotional period. With less than 3000 packages sold (for example), you have the potential to raise $50,000 – $85,000 (*With no fundraising costs & minimal time input from you) ➣ Learn more at  https://buy.wearablenftart.com/non-profit-churches/ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 📺 CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SOCIAL CHANNELS Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wearablenftart/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WearableNFTArt/ Pinterest http://bit.ly/WNA-NFTArt-onPinterest Twitter https://Twitter.

--- FOLLOW SANTI ON SOCIAL TO HELP RAISE HIS PROFILE Santi's Insta - https://www.instagram.com/soulas_arteycoso/ Santi's FB Page https://www.facebook.com/Soulas-Arte-y-Coso-101629622073611 ____________________________________________________________________________________ ❓FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 🖼️ WHAT THE HECK IS AN NFT? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It’s like a physical piece of art, but digital. Once that digital art is added to the blockchain, it is given a special token so it cannot be replicated, and its authenticity is guaranteed. So it becomes a one-of-a-kind. Thus creating value. 👚 HOW DO YOU MAKE WEARABLE NFT ART? Santi, our resident artist, creates illustrations that are then digitalized. Those art pieces are then "Minted" to the Ethereum Blockchain, via an Art Marketplace. We then take those designs and add them to a T-shirt. The tees each have a QR Code that links the design back to the actual artwork on the Ethereum NFT Marketplace, so people can scan the shirt with their phone and see the Artwork on the actual Blockchain. And now you have Wearable NFT Art™ 🗣 WHY IS SUPPORTING NFT ART SO IMPORTANT? Never before have we seen such a time in history like this, where everyday artists can take their rightful place in the art world. Not in a gallery where few people ever see their work, but now on digital art platforms where they can display their art to anyone in the World, and finally, make a solid living from it. That’s why when you buy a Wearable NFT Art™ Tee or NFT you are directly helping artists from around the world get their art out to the world.  💁🏼 WHY DO YOU WORK WITH NON-PROFITS? We have created a way to fundraise that harnesses a brand new technology and the increasing excitement around the Blockchain. It is a VERY unique method, that also directly benefits the Donors. So instead of just giving money, they are receiving a fun and novel gift of value as well. ____________________________________________________________________________________ #nft #cryptoart #customtshirts #art #digitalart #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin #nonfungibletokens #ethereum #cryptocollectibles #raredigitalart #nfts #cryptoartist #eth #cryptocurrencies #teeshirts #tshirtsdesign #sportswear #tshirtprint #teeshirt #menswear #tshirtlovers #tshirtlife #tshirtonline #gymwear #tshirtmurah #fashionblogger #graphicdesign #instagram #fashionista #clothingline Bitcoin, t shirts, cryptocurrency, blockchain, nft, Salvador Dali, Ethereum, print on demand, POD, crypto, nft art, nft artwork, blockchain technology, Altcoins, crypto art, crypto artwork, crypto investing, crypto investment, nft digital art, nft investing, honeytrek, travel, influencers